In this episode we’re taking a look at luxury destination wedding videographer Philip White to see what he does to enhance his compositions.

Composition for Wedding Filmmakers | Philip White

In this episode I’m looking at how to craft an artistic wedding film using a piece of work from international wedding cinematographers Maru Films.

Crafting Artistic Wedding Films | Maru Films

UK based wedding filmmakers Costa Sister Productions and their punk music video style.

Wedding Filmmaker Spotlight | Costa Sister Productions

Hollywood Blockbuster Style Wedding Films | Wedding Filmmaker Spotlight: Ray Roman

Wedding Filmmaker Spotlight: Ray Roman

This is an idea I’ve had some time now. I plan on creating a video series that shows love and appreciation for the best wedding filmmakers in the world; the filmmakers at the top of their game.

Wedding Filmmaker Spotlight: Riccardo Fasoli

This is sort of a Pt.2 to my first post on this blog all about why I don’t like to use slog2, or any of the flat picture profiles with my Sony camera really, when I’m shooting weddings.

Why I use Rec 709 over Slog2

Are you having trouble getting the colour in your wedding films to look great? In this article I explain everything I do to achieve decent colours.

Why I Don’t Heavily Colour Grade My Wedding Films

This is a common question that comes up in wedding film consultations and the short answer is complicated.

Choosing Music for a Wedding Film

As a wedding cinematographer myself I thought it would be neat to show appreciation for this amazing industry by compiling this list of the best wedding filmmakers in Vancouver, B.C – those who inspire creativity and craft beautiful stories.

Vancouver’s Best Wedding Videographers in 2021

We’re talking about the importance of branding and good design with Melanie, owner and principal planner of Keepsake Events

Elegant Wedding Branding with Keepsake Events