For many, like us, it’s a life-altering chance encounter.

Ours is a story of two worlds serendipitously connecting and colliding, a chance meeting that would ultimately become the beginning of Victor Fox. 

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I moved west to Adelaide, finding myself among like-minded creatives, plant-based foodies and cyclists — a happy melody of my favourite things. 

Shortly after, a series of unexpected events led the then university student, Paige, to the doorstep of the very same share house, half a world away. It was there in that vegan kitchen, 9,000 miles from her home in Edmonton, Canada, that we would momentarily meet for the first time. 

That fateful encounter began a journey that would take us across the Pacific in a wonderful daze of carefree adventure, wild romance, airport goodbyes, and arrival embraces between the shores of Canada, Australia and beyond. It never mattered where our paths led; we always seemed to find our way back to one another.

At the end of a whirlwind six-week holiday in Canada — a fortuitous vacation won through an online contest — on what was to be my final trip home to Melbourne, it took me just three days to realize what I think I had known all along. Maybe it was the cold Canadian air or the perspective gained from 40,000 feet above the ground, but I just knew. Within a week, I boarded a flight bound for Vancouver with a one-way ticket and a visa, this time arriving on Paige’s doorstep.

That was over three years ago. Today, we live happily in Vancouver, spending every day creating, adventuring and witnessing moments of pure love. Together we film great untold love stories, the kind that makes you believe in beautiful, life-altering, serendipitous moments like these. 

This is our love story. We'd love to tell yours.


What Makes a Great Love Story?

the Love story of victor fox

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